WDO and WPO to Explore Opportunities for  Sustainable Design in The Packaging Industry

27 November 2020 16:53

Having collaborated on several occasions in the past year, World Design Organization (WDO)® and World Packaging Organisation (WPO) have recently formalized a partnership and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to leverage their shared commitment for sustainability and education as a means to organize and implement a variety of collaborative projects. With a special focus on training initiatives for designers in packaging design and technology, both parties will aim to align their common interests and explore new areas for industry optimization.

“Packaging is neither solely an exercise in aesthetics nor simple functionality; it is an indispensable factor that exists at almost every level of product design, development and production” said WDO President Srini Srinivasan. “Now, more than ever, as we work to decrease our global waste streams and protect our environment, it is imperative that we invest and support innovation in the packaging sector and ensure that all designers understand both its potential impact and benefits. With this new partnership, WDO looks forward to working alongside the World Packaging Organisation to further our parallel missions of bettering global quality of life.”

As stated by the WPO President, Pierre Pienaar: “We always see design as one of the key pillars in the development of successful, sustainable and acceptable packaging. Designs of the future must be in accordance with the circular economy of packaging and always striving to reduce the demand on our global natural resources. The WPO therefore sees this partnership with WDO a significant shift in design focus as we develop this partnership in striving to maintain good acceptable packaging practices.”

The last several decades have seen remarkable industry progress in the areas of materials, technology and user centered design and innovation. Increased consumer dialogue and public awareness have also highlighted the importance of sustainable packaging, from production, distribution and end-of-life. Today, the safety, usability and environmental impact of packaging remains paramount, and both WDO and WPO hope that this partnership will enable new understandings and advancements of the materials that house and protect everyday personal, food and commercial products.



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