Compostability Testing for ITENE

05 March 2021 16:25

ITENE, Spain, has obtained DIN CERTCO certification to be able to carry out home compostability testing in its laboratories.

The certification, with the title DIN-Geprüft Home Compostable, specifies the biodegradability of the end products, and takes into account the lower temperatures required for home – rather than industrial – composting. It is based on international standards AS 5810 and NF T51-800.

Packaging testing services manager Amparo Gala said in a statement: “This is another step forward in our efforts to offer companies tests that can demonstrate the compostability of the materials they use in their products, and to support them in meeting the demands of the market and the objectives for 2030 of the EU, as established in the European Plastics Strategy.”

As ITENE explains, while industrial composting tests require temperatures of 58degC over six months, the equivalent tests for home composting are carried out at between 20 and 30degC over 12 months.

ITENE is already authorised to follow DIN CERTCO's industrial composting test procedures. It can also carry out tests recognised by TÜV AUSTRIA, the US-based Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) and European Bioplastics.


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