The Guidebook of CEN Packaging Standards

The Guidebook for Using Packaging Standards has been prepared by our Association in order to inform packaging manufacturers and market releasers on Regulation on the Management of Packaging Waste. Packaging Standards are considered the simplest way to show that basic requirements in the packaging waste regulation regarding the production of packaging are met and are applied voluntarily in Europe and in our country. In this scope, the Guidebook for Using Packaging Standards prepared by the experts of our Association has been published with the permit of Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning.

European Packaging Standards, containing factors that need to be taken into account in the design and production of packaging, were published by CEN (Comite Europeen de Normalisation) and then translated into Turkish by TSE.

In this publication titled Guidebook for Using Packaging Standards you may read about:

  • TS EN 13427: Packaging - Requirements For The Use of European Standards In The Field of Packaging and Packaging Waste
  • TS EN 13428: Packaging - Special Requirements for Production and Composition - Resource Minimizing and Preventing Standard
  • TS EN 13429: Packaging - Re-usable Packaging Standard
  • TS EN 13430: Packaging - Recyclable Packaging with Material Recycling Standard
  • TS EN 13431: Packaging - Recycling Packaging in terms of Energy Recycling Requirements, Lowest Calorific Value Added Standard
  • TS EN 13432: Packaging - Properties of Recyclable Packaging by Biodegradation and Composting - Criteria for Evaluating and Experimental Stages of the Final Acceptance of Packaging

Regarding each of the 6 standards named above, you can reach summary of the standard, decision tree regarding the standard, sample declaration of conformity for the standard.