The Packaging Exports Increase Rapidly

31 October 2022 15:20

ASD Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association published its 'Exports and Imports of Turkish Packaging Industry Report'. According to the report where industry-wide data from the first six months of 2022 were assessed, exports of the packaging sector increased by 25.2 percent compared to the same period of 2021. Export value of 3 billion dollars in the first 6 months of 2021 increased to 3.8 billion dollars in the same period of 2022. The industry made the highest exports to United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, USA, and Israel in turns. Mr. Zeki Sarıbekir, President of ASD Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association said: "By the end of this year we will achieve the 8 billion dollars level that was our export target for 2023. For the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we are revising our targets in the upwards direction. In 2023 we will achieve 10 billion dollars of export value." 

Packaging industry that occupies a significant position for the national economy with its production capacity and employment it offers continues to increase its exports. According to 'Exports and Imports of the Turkish Packaging Industry Report' prepared by the ASD Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association, in the first 6 months of 2022 exports of the industry increased by 11.4 percent from 1 million 485 thousand tons to 1 million 654 thousand tons on the basis of amount compared to the same period of 2021. Value-based increase in the same period was 25.2 percent. Exports of the packaging industry increased from 3 billion dollars to 3.8 billion dollars. In terms of distribution of exports, the biggest share was achieved by plastic packaging group with an export value of 2.4 billion dollars. Export value of paper/cardboard packaging group increased to 918 million dollars while export value  of metal packaging group increased to 294 million dollars and export value glass packaging group increased to 109 million dollars.


The top 5 receiver countries of exports in the first 6 months of 2022 were United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, USA and Israel. Commenting on the report, president of ASD Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association, Mr. Zeki Sarıbekir said: "We increase our industry-wide exports every day. When the top 10 countries that receive our exports are considered, our strength in the European market becomes obvious. One of the countries that capture the most attention is the USA. The USA has been among the highest receiver of our exports for a long time, but this year it ascended to the fourth place. This shows how important Türkiye is in the USA market. The USA looks for alternative markets. Here, Türkiye came to the forefront. The packaging industry will occupy a much better position with its high-quality production and design. The countries that distanced from China with the disruption in supply chain arrive in Türkiye. We can achieve a fast growth in exports by profiting on this opportunity. We prioritize the countries that the Ministry of Commerce determined and supported in the framework of developments in the global economy and political conjuncture. We work towards increasing our commercial relations with South African Republic and South American countries among such countries. We are targeting to export to even more countries, increase our markets and export at least half of what we produce."


President of ASD Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association, Mr. Zeki Sarıbekir said they revised their targets in the upwards direction following the positive developments in exports and added that: "We were targeting to increase market size of the packaging industry from 25 billion dollars to 30 billion dollars, per person consumption to 380 dollars from 298 dollars, and our exports to 8 billion dollars in the 100th anniversary of the establishment of our Republic in 2023.  However, we are thinking that we can achieve our 2023 target by the end of 2022. Thus, we determined our new 2023 target as 10 billion dollars."


ASD Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association

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