‘Faster' Export Period in Packaging

06 February 2024 10:14

Turkish packaging industry that set Europe as the primary target and aims to export more to European countries that Türkiye meets only 10-15% of Europe's exports. Mentioning the need to be 'faster' to that aim, Mr. Zeki Sarıbekir, President of ASD Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association said: “We can access the logistics centers that would be formed in Europe through railway, river road, and seaway and distribute our products to Europe from these centers. In case we achieve this, we can receive a fast impact on our exports. Because we are no longer merely discussing price advantage. Europe demands high quality products and wants to access packaging as fast as possible.” Mr. Zeki Sarıbekir added that  the USA also contains major opportunities for Turkish packaging industry and said authorities from the USA invited Turkish packaging manufacturers to invest in the USA.  

Interest in packaged products increase in Türkiye and the world day by day. Food products are protected with packaging which is required for products sourced in Türkiye to reach all around the world. The increased demand for packaging is also reflected on figures. The packaging industry that achieved 7.5 billion dollars of export value in 2022 is estimated to have reached 8 – 8.5 billion dollars in export value as of 2023. Packaging industry that achieved approximately 30 billion dollars in size targets 50 billion dollars in size for 2030.


Noting that Turkish packaging industry is well-equipped and has the required strength to reach such targets, Mr. Zeki Sarıbekir, President of ASD Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association said: “Türkiye achieved 7.5 billion dollars in export value in 2022. Turkish packaging industry continued its stable growth by focusing on value added production and achieved 3.5 billion dollars of export value in the first half of 2023 reaching an export surplus of 1 billion 148 million dollars. We foresee that we will complete 2023 with an export figure of approximately 8 – 8.5 billion dollars. Our export target for 2030 as packaging industry is 20 billion dollars.” Mr. Zeki Sarıbekir mentioned that packaging consumption increased twofold in the last 20 years and reached 325 dollars per capita and added that: “We are way above 125 dollars per capita that is the global average. Packaging consumption per capita increases rapidly in our country that is an indicator of welfare level and industrial development. We are aiming at increasing the consumption per capita in our country to 380 dollars. We ensure an economic activity of 490 billion dollars in size in our country with packaging.”


Underlining that the industry that has major targets both domestically and internationally makes 65 % of its exports to Europe, Mr. Zeki Sarıbekir continued by saying: “Europe is a very significant market for our industry and is situated right beside us. There are no European countries that we cannot reach in 2 days. While many countries in the world are trying to sell their products to European countries, we can arrive in Europe very rapidly thanks to our geographical position and high-quality products. We need to try harder as a country to find ways of exporting more to Europe that the entire world tries to reach. While we work for more trade with Europe, we must not neglect Asia-Pacific, America or Africa. However, we can meet only 10-15 % of Europe's needs in the packaging market. Therefore, we can achieve even higher grounds in this market. Thus, as packaging industry we determined Europe to be our primary target.”


Underlining that the issue of logistics will be very important in the future as it is today, Mr. Zeki Sarıbekir said: “Right now we are making the major part of our exports through land route with TIR's. At this point there can be some problems or slowdowns. Solution of the problem here goes through railroads. At the same time, we must not neglect river road and seaway. Another point that must not be overlooked in exports is logistics centers. For instance, Austria is a landlocked state. However, they receive a significant share of sea trade. Austria rents ports from Croatia and Slovenia. Ships bring products to these ports. The products that arrive in ports are taken to container areas nearby with trains. Products are distributed from such points. We can also do this as Türkiye. The products we take to Europe with trains and ships we can distribute all around Europe with Turkish TIR's and Turkish tow trucks. The faster our high-quality products arrive in areas of need the more advantageous we become. Thus we would avoid the long lines at border gates that at times reach 40-50 kilometers and delays.”


Mr. Zeki Sarıbekir emphasized that in some cases in packaging industry the speed of delivery becomes more important than price and added that: “Because companies that need packaging place their products to the packages they purchase and deliver them to their destination. Therefore, they prefer Türkiye that can send packaging in 2 days instead of packaging that would arrive in 1 month from China. There is another important market in addition to Europe. That is the USA. The USA that is the biggest consumer of packaging in the world searches countries that would product more for itself. At this point two countries come forward. One is India and the other is Türkiye. The USA harbors a major opportunity for Turkish packaging industry.” 


ASD Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association

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