ASD Packaging Congress 2023 - 2nd International Packaging Industry Congress

25 April 2023 17:00

Dear Colleagues,

ASD Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association will organize a two-day congress, ASD Packaging Congress 2023 – 2nd International Packaging Industry Congress, in 7 - 8 December 2023 at Swissotel The Bosphorus in Istanbul.

The first congress with 'Sustainable Packaging & Circular Economy' theme, which ASD organized before the pandemic, was very successful and 45 speakers from 13 countries and 1,000 professionals attended the two-day congress.

This congress with the theme of innovations, technology and sustainability in the constantly developing packaging industry will contribute to the development of the packaging industry and related industries, which constitutes a common area for all industries in our country and the world.

This congress will bring the packaging industry together with the production lines, researchers and non-governmental organizations that support the industry.

In this Congress, especially the following topics will be discussed;

  • Innovations in Packaging Technology,
  • Packaging Printing and Graphics,
  • The Future of the Packaging Industry,
  • Industry 4.0 and Digitalization,
  • Packaging Materials,
  • Industrial Packaging & Dangerous Goods Packaging,
  • Packaging and Shelf Life,
  • Active and Intelligent Packaging,
  • Innovation in Packaging,
  • Sustainability in Packaging Industry & Circular Economy,
  • Carbon Footprint in Packaging Industry,
  • Innovations in the Packaging Recycling Technology,
  • Role of Packaging in Prevention of Food Waste,
  • Marketing and Consumer Trends,
  • Packaging Design,
  • Global Packaging Industry Statistics,
  • Packaging Exports & Logistics.

We are inviting you to contribute to the success of the congress with broad participation and variety of presentations. We request that you send your suggestions on presentation titles to our Association's electronic mail address until 2 May 2023 by filling Application Form for Congress Presentation.

Your participation with your valuable opinions and contributions will help program of ASD Packaging Congress prosper.

Let's Create the Sustainability Roadmap of the Packaging Industry Together!


ASD Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association

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