Packaging Design & Time Management Trainings from ASD Packaging Academy

09 September 2020 15:49

The 2020 training program organized by the Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) under the brand Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) Packaging Academy started with Packaging Design Training, which attracted a lot of attention from the sector.

The first training took place on February 5 at the Packaging Building of Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) and was repeated on February 12 due to a lot of requests. A total of 50 people, including directors and designers of packaging companies, food companies and packaging manufacturers attended the training, which was offered by the Industry Products Designer Dr. Oya Akman.

During the training; Packaging - Definition - Scope, Packaging Design, Design for Secondary Applications in Packaging, Packaging Production Techniques, Packaging and Innovation were discussed in detail with the participants. The future of the packaging sector was evaluated with the participants.

Closely monitoring the developments in the world in an effort to increase the competitiveness of the Turkish packaging industry in the global markets, ASD offers one-stop solution for the needs of sectoral training through Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) Packaging Academy.

Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) Packaging Academy will continue to provide technical training to meet the needs of many companies operating in the packaging sector. Interrupted due to COVID-19, which upset the balance of the world and Turkey, 2020 training sessions continued online in June. Effective Time Management Training was offered by Instructor Nezahat Eren of Grupas Gelisim on Thursday, June 25, 2020.


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