WPO Announces New Executive Board

During the 2nd Board Meeting of 2017, on November 07th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the new President of WPO, Pierre Pienaar, elected on May during Interpack, announced his new Executive Board for 2018-2020 term. The professionals chosen by Pierre are:

  • Antro Säilä (Finland) Vice President Sustainability
  • Aslihan Arikan (Turkey) Vice President Education
  • Johannes Bergmair (Austria) - General Secretary
  • Liliam Benzi (Brazil) Press &amli; Communication Officer
  • Luciana Pellegrino (Brazil) Vice President Marketing
  • Soha Atallah (Lebanon) Vice President Conferences, Exhibitions and Awards

During the meeting, Pierre also elected three WPO Ambassadors: Chakravarthi AVPS (India), Carl Oslmats (Sweden) and Kishan Singh (South Africa). "Their main goal is to help promote WPO brand and spread our main mission globally: "Better quality of life through better packaging for more people””. Most of the new WPO President´s strategies is focused in packaging education and marketing & communication tools.