WPO Accomplished 2019 Packaging Technology Training Mission

02 January 2020 10:03

World Packaging Organisation (WPO) accomplished the WPO's 2019 training agenda on Packaging Technology amongst the WPO member organisations. The purpose of those training courses is to increase and develop professional knowledge and competency of packaging industries´ employees, other professionals in related industries and also university students.

The first three WPO's 2019 packaging training programs had been organized in

  1. Amman / Jordan in March,
  2. Nairobi / Kenya in end July & early August,
  3. Beirut / Lebanon in September respectively.

The 4 th WPO packaging technology training titled as "ABRE & WPO-Packaging Technology & 6 Sigma Training” was organized in Sao Paolo / Brazil on 1 – 3 October 2019 by the contribution of the WPO full member ABRE Brazilian Packaging Association. The training was performed in Portuguese with interpreter. Total 40 students attended the training in Sao Paolo.

The 5 th packaging training agenda this year was performed in Iran in two different cities, Tehran and Shiraz, on 12 – 18 October 2019, with IRIP Iranian Institute of Packaging. The training format was One-Day Seminars on Packaging Technology and Industry. Training performed in English with interpreter. Total 230 students were trained.

The 6 th and final packaging training course offered by WPO and supported by the IPF Indonesian Packaging Federation in Bali, Indonesia from 30 October – 2 November, 2019, is the first time in Bali. The course was entitled Master Class Global Packaging Technology and attended by 18 participants from the leading packaging companies in Lebanon. It was reported that the training was very successful and highly interactive.

WPO accomplished 2019 Packaging Technology training mission. The approved programs for 2020 will be took place in the following countries: Pakistan, Ghana, Kenya, China, Lebanon/Jordan, Indonesia/Bolivia, Egypt and Morocco.

Some new education initiatives are being discussed and planned in Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Central & South Americas and the Middle East.

The future potential training programs will be:

  • Packaging Technology
  • Food Packaging Technology,
  • Advanced Packaging Technology
  • Packaging Graphics & Design,
  • Quality Management Subjects.

For more information you may contact Ms. Aslihan Arikan, WPO Vice President of Education & Chair of Education Committee a.arikan@worldpackaging.org


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