AsiaStar 2019 Awards Ceremony Organized in Bangkok

07 October 2019 14:36

Department of lndustrial Promotion, Ministry of lndustry in Thailand organized AsiaStar Award 2019 ceremony under the cooperation between the ministry and the Asian Packaging Federation (APF).

Mr. Jaruphun Jarayophat, Deputy Director-General of Department of lndustrial Promotion, Ministry of lndustry announced that Division of Creative lndustry Development of Department of lndustrial Promotion did hold AsiaStar Awards 2019 ceremony as part of Added-value in creative industries project. The department in coordinate with Thai packaging center, Thailand lnstitute of Scientific and Technological Research, Faculty of Agro-lndustry, Kasetsart University, and The Thai Packaging Association arrange this ceremony as a cooperation with The Asian Packaging Federation, a non-profit organization established to enhance cross country co-operation among all packaging-related subjects. Currently, there are 15 countries represented in APF, including Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand and Turkey.

AsiaStar Awards, Board of Administration Meeting, General Assembly Meeting, CAPP Meeting, Asian Packaging Seminar are regularly held at least once a year hosted in a rotational manner among the member countries. This Year Thailand serves as the host for the AsiaStar competition as well as this ceremony.

The prestigious ceremony was aimed to award the AsiaStar Awards 2019 winners from Thailand and also to the delegates from member countries' organizations in Asia Region. At the same time, it would help promoting the AsiaStar competition to be more widely recognized and raise the standard of the competition and the award ceremony in international level.

In addition, this ceremony would serve as a great opportunity to develop cross-country cooperation for member countries and organizations in Asia region, such as the Asian Packaging Federation (APF), and organizations of member countries.

"The objectives of the Asian Packaging Federation (APF) are to encourage cooperation and exchange among its members in related to subjects of technology, education, training and package development as well as a coordinated organization with various national packaging organizations around the world. Thailand is also one of the founding members of this organization and has been continuously engaged in supporting all the organization's activities ", he added.

Nevertheless, with consistent mutual cooperation in Packaging related subject within Asia region for number of years, Thailand has received a significantly recognition. Department of lndustrial Promotion, Ministry of lndustry, will host for international Meetings and Seminars, General Assembly Meeting and AsiaStar Awards 2019 as part of promoting and supporting Thai's packaging designers internationally for trade purpose to all members countries in Asia region and to present potentiality of our country to be one of the Asia's leading country in packaging industry.


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