Message from ASD : Packaging is not Waste

As the leader of its industry in Turkey, Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) draw attention on the importance of packaging usage and recycling on the occasion of June 5th, World Environment Day. Mr. Zeki Saribekir, the President of ASD, said "Packaging is not waste, but rather important materials useful for economy. Through recycling, we achieve a positive contribution both to our economy and to our environment.”

Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD), which has had tremendous contributions in improving and creating an identity for packaging industry in Turkey, draw attention to the importance of packaging usage and underlined the contribution packaging

recycling has to environment and economy. In order to draw public attention to environmental issues and raise awareness, ASD highlighted that packaging and recycling are not a burden to the environment but in fact they are materials that create economy on the occasion of World Environment Day, which was celebrated with various activities all around the globe.

"Packaging protects not only the products but also us”

Mr. Zeki Saribekir, the President of ASD, expressed the convenience packaging providing us with these words: "Packaging wraps around, preserves and sells a product. Packaging protects us while protecting the products. Packaging keeps the foodstuffs from rotting, molding, spoiling or going bad. It ensures that foodstuffs reach the consumers in healthy and clean environments, untouched by human hands. Packaging again ensure that fragile or damageable products reach consumers without any damage. Consumers can learn all they need from the package of a product, including size, amount, best before date, usage instructions or the manufacturer's details in case of any complaint. Even though it is commonly believed that the only duty packaging have is to protect the products, they have many contributions to society, economy and environment. Packaging should not be considered as waste.

Sustainability and environment are important factors in package manufacturing. Today, there are many detailed studies on how to manufacture packaging by using minimum amounts of materials as possible. As manufacturers, we aim to manufacture sustainable packaging that consume minimum amounts of raw materials, natural resources and energy. For example, when standard 500 ml plastic water bottles were launched in the 2000's, they weighted 22 grams, whereas today they are only 10,5 grams. We expect them to weigh less than 9 grams in the following years. 330 ml aluminum soft drink cans dropped down to 12,7 grams from 18,6 grams. Standard steel cans were manufactured with 103,3 grams of materials back in 1980's whereas we only use 77,5 grams of materials per one can. Besides, metal packaging can be recycled and re-used for a number of times. 215 grams of materials were used for a single glass soft drink bottle in the early 2000's whereas that number dropped to 180 grams today. Additionally, by recycling glass we can reproduce glass packaging while saving tremendous amounts of energy.”

ASD's Works Hard on Raising Awareness

ASD Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association continues its works in raising awareness about packaging and environment. New edition of the children's booklet they prepared on this issue, ""Things to Know about Packaging and Environment”” is handed out in elementary and high schools free of charge. The informatory short film ASD prepared on packaging and environment could also be watched on .