WPO Announces New Executive Board
28 December 2017
During the 2nd Board Meeting of 2017, on November 07th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the new President of WPO, Pierre Pienaar, elected on May during Interpack, announced his new Executive Board for 2018-2020 term.
Message from ASD : Packaging is not Waste
06 December 2017
Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) draw attention on the importance of packaging recycling. Mr. Zeki Saribekir, the President of ASD, said “Packaging is not waste, but rather important materials useful for economy. Through recycling, we achieve a positive contribution both to our economy and to our environment.”
WPO selects winners of WorldStar Awards 2018 in Brazil
22 November 2017
WPO Members met in Brazil the week commencing 6 November for meetings and the judging of the WorldStar Packaging Awards. The judging session took place as part of the 99th WPO Board Meeting activities and were kindly hosted by the Brazilian Packaging Association.
61 Packaging Industry Leaders Are Among Turkey's Biggest Companies
10 October 2017
Annual “Turkey's Top and Second 500 Manufacturers / Producers 2016” research prepared by Istanbul Chamber of Industry is announced. A total of 61 packaging companies, 35 of which are Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) members, are placed on ISO top 500 and second 500 lists.
Pharmaceutcial Packaging Making Life Easier for Partially-Sighted Citizens
10 October 2017
The regulation came into force last April obligates Braille engravings on pharmaceutical packaging. Pharmaceutical companies have until the end of 2018 to fully carry this regulation into action.
Asia Receives Two Packaging Training Programs from WPO
10 October 2017
WPO World Packaging Organisation accomplished two packaging training programs in Asia. This time the countries chosen were Vietnam and China.
Warning About Unpacked Candy & Chocolate
18 August 2017
Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) warned consumers about unpacked candy, Turkish delight, and chocolates.
Applications of WorldStar Awards 2018 Has Begun
18 August 2017
Application process of WorldStar Awards 2018 organized by World Packaging Organization (WPO) started.
Blue-Collar Employee Communication and Management Training Being Great Hit
18 August 2017
ASD Packaging Academy performed its 2017 trainings with Blue-Collar Employee Communication and Management Training on May 25th, Thursday. Dr. Metin Arslan from Grupas Gelisim (Yalin Akademi) company contributed in the training.
Biodegradable Mulch Films Supporting EU's Regulation
18 July 2017
European Parliament's IMCO Committee adopted its report amending the Commission's proposal for a revision of the Fertilisers Regulation. Committee acknowledges the innovative potential of biodegradable mulch films which provide positive agronomical effects and help to avoid the generation of microplastics on fields.