International Relations

We are getting membership for international organisations that are suitable for our association and mission in order to be active both in the framework of our efforts to establish and develop an institutional identity for our sector and in the matters at the global scale. Being an active member of

WPO - World Packaging Organization

IAPRI - International Association of Packaging Research Institutes

APF - Asian Packaging Federation

ASD has been making combined efforts with all other national and international associations and organisations that have common areas of activity with packaging sector.

For example;

The Editor of our Ambalaj Bulteni - the Packaging Bulletin (the Editor in Chief of Ambalaj Dunyası - Packaging World magazine and the Editor of Chief of Pack Converting magazine) has become members of IPPO - International Packaging Press Organization.

Since the field of activity of the SPE - Society of Plastic Engineers involving the vocational education and researches in plastic industry includes a major part of our packaging industry, we are helping this American-based professional organisation to establish itself in Turkey.