Pack Converting

Pack Converting that is published two issues in Turkish has an intensely professional content and is distributed to about 1.300 people including top executives and technical and administrative representatives of companies that produce and use packaging, public organisations related to packaging, people and organisations that carry out training and academic work. The magazine which includes both translations and original articles from local and foreign sources is delivered to certain addresses and distributed in related local and foreign exhibitions and similar places. The number of printed and delivered magazines can rise up to 2.000 at times when there are important exhibitions.


2022-2 (Publish in May 2022 ) ( Last date for sending AD's: 22 April 2022)

2022-2 (Publish in November 2022) ( Last date for sending AD's: 23 October 2022)


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Inner pages / half page € 700

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20,5x29 cm

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