Recycling of Paper and Cardboard Packaging

Packaging made from paper and cardboard should be placed in special boxes made for packaging waste that we can see in every street. These boxes are used to gather paper and cardboard packaging separately and are brought to licensed recycling facilities.

Paper and cardboard packaging are bundled for space saving and easy processing at the recycling facilities and are shredded to decrease size.Afterwards they go through a secondary elimination process.After this process paper is pulped.After the pulp is created, paper is separated from ink by using air and various whitening chemicals.During this process pulp is given the desired colour. The pulp is ready for new paper after it passes through a classification process.

Paper produced from secondary raw material causes 73% less air pollution compared to paper produced from primary raw material.

1 ton of paper/cardboard packaging recycling results in material that saves around 24 trees.