Paper and Cardboard Packaging

The raw material of paper and cardboard packages is a very valuable material called cellulose. Cellulose has been obtained from specially grown plants and trees. Easy treatment, favorable cargo advantages and durability are the main reasons for choosing the paper and cardboard in production. From various different quality and quantity cardboard material, endless shape and form cardboard packages can be produced..

The raw material for cardboard based materials is paper. Paper is also very easy to treat just like cardboard. Nowadays, amongst the various papers produced package paper also produced in variable shapes and forms. Paper and cardboard packages are one of the most economic ways of packaging. Recently, with increasing technological advancement with lesser raw material more robust yet thinner, lighter and cheaper cardboard production can be made. Easy production and economical advantages make paper and cardboard materials very favorable in packaging industry.

Aside from the above mentioned properties, in cases where paper and cardboard standard durability, puncture resistance, protection, humidity and liquid barriers are not enough; such material are to be processed by various production methods. In such cases, cardboard can be supported by impregnated or laminated by another inner package material.

New designs are widened cardboard package application areas. Corrugated cardboards are produced by two corrugated paper supported with one another, and they have become to be used in various areas as an alternate to wood packages.