August 2022 issue IAPRI E-Newsletter - now available
Germany's Fraunhofer IVV has been working to develop and combine the best-performing biobased paper coatings, with other organisations in the research consortium testing their impact on recyclability.
July 2022 issue IAPRI E-Newsletter - now available
Message from the New IAPRI President, Roland ten Klooster Packaging is a sustainable solution to transport products, to store them, to be able to use them. Without, product damage and loss would be inevitable. Research is focusing on all these issues and helping to find solutions that are serving society.
ASD Successfully Continue the Policies of ISO 9001:2015 Standard
We are continuing our activities without interruption within the scope of our quality policy, that includes commitments to the quality management system conditions suitable for the purpose of our organization and to the continuous improvement of its effectiveness by the Board of Directors of our ASD Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association.
New Edition: WPO News 49 - The Digital Newsletter From The World Packaging Organisation
WPO News, the digital newsletter produced by WPO, is ready and available. If you want to be updated about what is going on in the global packaging community, don´t miss it.
Packaging Protects Products and Ensures Hygiene
The importance of packaging has never been more evident. Pharmaceutical, health, personal and home care, food and beverage products are delivered to the end consumer in a healthy and hygienic way thanks to their packaging. Our health is more valuable than anything else. Let's prefer packaged products to fight against viruses.