Packaging Virtual Museum

Your Support for the Packaging Virtual Museum is Appreciated !

For some time we have been working to realise the Packaging Virtual Museum project which is aimed at creating a correct perception for packaging among the public and making contribution to our Turkish Packaging History work.We present our sincere thanks to our members and colleagues who were willing to make contributions in response to our invitation to donate products to our Packaging Virtual Museum which we have been planning to realise as the first part of our Packaging Museum Project. Also we would be happy to share with you the donations to our Virtual Museum so far.We certainly appreciate the support of all members and colleagues in delivering the old packaging, packaging machinery and auxiliary products which are historically significant for the sector and which you want to be included particularly in the Packaging Virtual Museum and In that context, we will be very happy to receive at least 3 photographs of packages taken from different angles with 300 dpi density as well as related drawings.The donations to the museum will be used by indicating the name of the donor. We would like you to contact ( in relation to the products you wish to donate to the museum. You may also look at the previous donations of old packaging and packaging machinery photographs.