Packaging E - Learning Programme

We have a training program in cooperation with Institute of Packaging (IoP - UK) in order to fill the gap in specialised packaging training. This internet-based program which is provided in English has a 120-hour module for a diploma and a 60-hour module for a certificate. According to an agreement, it is possible for Turkish students to attend this program which is provided from the UK-based website for prices that are about 60% of those applicable in the UK when registration is made through ASD. E-students who complete this training program in the form of lifelong training are getting prepared for the technical aspects of higher positions in industries that produce or use packaging or any position where they can take packaging related responsibility in a company included in the distribution chain. Successful completion of training means the opportunity to attend M.S. degree programs in the Department of Packaging Technology in Loughborough and Brunel Universities. Diploma exam of the training that will take place over the internet shall be performed by accredited experts in Turkey. Turkish version of the program is in progress. General translation of the 600-page training book is complete and currently the website is being translated. The program which is expected to be completed until the end of 2016 will accept participants in Turkish language in the first half of 2017.