Pharmaceutcial Packaging Making Life Easier for Partially-Sighted Citizens

The regulation came into force last April obligates Braille engravings on pharmaceutical packaging. Pharmaceutical companies have until the end of 2018 to fully carry this regulation into action. Through packaging with Braille engravings, it is hoped to provide convenience for our partially-sighted citizens while buying pharmaceuticals.

This past April, Turkish Ministry of Health issued a bylaw stating that all names on pharmaceutical packaging will be written in Braille for partially-sighted citizens. Within the scope of "Packaging Information and Packaging Inserts of Pharmaceutical Products for Human Use and their Follow Up Regulations”, companies were granted time until 31/12/2018 to apply Braille on all medication packages.

Mr. Zeki Saribekir, the President of Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD), evaluated the change Braille application implemented on packaging industry and said: "As Turkish Packaging Manufacturers, we can provide cheap, practical and good quality Braille application on paperboard/cardboard packaging across the world. This proves the strength Turkish Packaging Industry holds. We focus on R&D and innovation and constantly work on developing new technologies and products with added value to carry our industry one step further.”

Mr. Zeki Saribekir underlines that Braille application on pharmaceutical packaging will not affect product prices and states that Turkish Packaging Manufacturers approach this matter with a global social responsibility awareness. Saribekir also states as, "This application of course has its own expenses but none of our manufacturers seek profit from Braille application. We believe that carrying out this application is the social responsibility we have towards our partially-sighted citizens. Therefore, the peace and happiness of knowing we had served our handicapped citizens well will be the added value of launching pharmaceutical packaging with Braille engravings,”.

Additional Note: As Braille is applied on paperboard/cardboard packaging, other embossing signs such as embossed triangle can be applied on rigid plastic and metal packaging that they are used for dangerous products. This way, partially-sighted citizens could be informed on the products contained in the packaging.