The Crescent & Stars of Packaging Selected


Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD), through this competition intends that Turkish companies obtain competitive advantage by using original and correct packaging applications in their products. Packaging, which is considered the "clothing of a product”, plays a major role in finding a place for the product in domestic and international markets.

Crescent and Stars of Packaging Competition, in which Turkish companies participate with products they produced and introduced in Turkey or abroad, has been accredited by the WPO (World Packaging Organization) and its competence has been recognized. In accordance with the rules of the Competition, the packages which receive the "Competency 2013” award are entitled to join international competitions, including WorldStar which is organized by WPO.

The Selection Committee (a Professional Jury) met on 23 - 24 May 2013, at the ASD, examined all packages and graded every application based on the following features and criteria given below:

Protection and preservation of contents
New, original and different, and appealing package form  Ease of handling, filling, closing, opening and reclosing
Appropriate and sufficient marking and information on the package,
Sales appeal
Graphic design
Quality of production
Economy in material usage and cost effectiveness 
Reusability, recyclability and recovery success in the case of environmental sensitivity, sustainability Ingenuity of construction
Suitability for successful exhibition at final points of sale

In the first phase of the competition, 96 packages were awarded "Competency 2013” prize. Those packages which were awarded "Competency 2013”, have gained the opportunity to attend international competitions including WorldStar Competition.      

At the second stage, Golden, Silver and Bronze awards were determined for every category during an evaluation made among the packages which were awarded "Competency 2013”. The Golden, Silver and Bronze awards will be announced at the Awards Ceremony, which will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus Istanbul on 2 September 2013.

Among the participants who received Golden Awards in the Crescent and Stars of Packaging Competition, Golden Packaging Awards were presented in collaboration with TSE (Turkish Standards Institute). The Selection Committee granted 3 Golden Packaging Awards in categories which it deemed appropriate.

The participants who received awards (Competency 2013) at the Crescent Stars of Packaging 2013 

The packagings which received awards were published at , the official website for the Crescent and Stars of Packaging on 27 May 2013.

Please contact (Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association) for high resolution visuals and other issues related to the competition.