Packaging Industry Export Development Project


Dear Members,

We are happy to announce that our export development project on which we have been working within the scope of the Ministry of Economy's "Communiqué on Supporting the Development of International Competitiveness No 2010/8” for increasing our competitiveness in the international market and our export capacity has been officially approved by the Ministry, and that the Needs Analysis for the 12 member companies, the first stage of the Project, will start soon.
In this context, as the "Cooperation Agency”, we are going to mediate the project-based subsidies granted by the Ministry of Economy. During our negotiations with the Ministry of Economy SMEs and Clustering Department, we were informed that ASD was an association which made considerable progress towards clustering and that the Ministry of Economy would like to cooperate with such an association more in the future.Within the scope of this project, companies will be able to enter new markets and perform market research, both of which are very important, at a very lost cost; similarly, they will be able to participate in expos abroad, which are very important for our industry, and which usually has a very high cost for individual companies, at considerably low prices.
The project will be completed in 3 years and 4 stages.
At the first stage, the deficiencies of the companies joining the project regarding training and export and the areas which they need education and consultancy will be determined.
Later, a plan will be developed in this regard and necessary training and consultancy services will be provided to the participant companies.At the next stage, target countries will be determined and international marketing travels will be made in order to develop the companies' export capacities.
At the third stage, purchasing committees from abroad will be invited to our country.
At the final stage, the companies which participated in the first three stages will receive individual consultancy services designed for them.
When all subsidiaries are used to their full extent, our industry will have received a 2-million-dollar incentive.
The companies are required to pay 25% of their expenses during the first three stages. 75% of the expenses will be paid by the Ministry of Economy. At the final stage, 30% of the expenses will be paid by the companies whereas the remaining 70% will be covered by the Ministry.
We believe that these incentives constitute a great opportunity for all companies operating in our industry, particularly for SMEs, for institutionalization and expanding abroad. Membership to ASD and willingness to participate in the project are the only requisites for application.
We highly recommend that ASD members who have not yet applied for the Project, which we believe will be very useful for them, file their applications as soon as possible. Needs Analyses will start in December; therefore, members who wish to take part in the project should contact before 30 November 2012.