Clustering Work of ASD was Crowned with Bronze Label

Packaging Manufacturers Association-ASD was rewarded with a bronze quality label for the European-Wide Comparison Project of the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis-ESCA.

The European Cluster Excellence Initiative-ECEI, established by the European Commission in 2009 in order to support development based on cluster perfection, designed and developed the cluster comparison mechanism. The European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis-ESCA, which is currently responsible for the execution of said initiative has been making cluster comparison work in the entire Europe with the ccredited cluster comparison experts and defining the organisations/institutions which are the best in their fields.

"Cluster Comparison Project” was conducted in Turkey by the Aegean Exporters' Union. As part of "Cluster Comparison Project”, the activities, processes and internal management mechanisms of Packaging Manufacturers Association were compared to the 350 cluster organisations examined in Europe in February 2013. At the end of the work, improvement areas were identified for our institution and cluster and service perfection was compared to the good examples in Europe.

Packaging Manufacturers Association Chairman Sadettin Korkut said, "With the bronze quality label and the consideration of recommendations made by ESCA, we took our first step to being a successful cluster at global standards with the help of a high quality cluster management mechanism. In the future we will use a better management mechanism to give better service to our members in order to ensure that both our members and our institution can be more successful and competitive in the global market.”